A Message from the BSC Chair, Maddy Ward

Things are getting serious, and I was hoping that I could send something to make you all smile and something which may help keep you happy and occupied in your current isolation, so I’ll start with my first aim:

Keeping occupied once you’ve blitzed the house, and played Hide and Seek by yourself can be difficult – did you know you can make virtual “visits” to a number of places worldwide whilst sitting at home? – if you Google you’ll find lots – here are a few links to get you started –





you can also look for live webcams in a variety of places around the world – http://www.mangolinkcam.com/webcams/zoos/zoo-london.html

Now the more serious stuff:

My Catalan neighbour, who has Pulmonary Fibrosis and is obviously very worried about the Coronavirus outbreak, was telling me last week about precautions we should all be aware of (and doing) …

  •   wash hands frequently,
  •  keep 1.5 metre distance between people if you really do need to go out
  •  no more welcome “kissy kissy” – finally it seems the Brits have been doing something right for years!
  •  wear latex or plastic gloves when out – its amazing how many “infected” surfaces we all come into contact with every day.
  •  wear a mask if you feel you may have an infection, lots of people are wearing them, but medical advice is that they are no defense from the virus – just a barrier to stop spray and spread of coughs and sneezes. Don’t bother looking for masks – there are none available – although there are people making their own – you can find YouTube videos showing how to do it for yourself.
  •  You should totally self-isolate if you have asthma, coronary or pulmonary issues……UK gov have now stated you should keep it up for three months – here’s a link to more info and other susceptible conditions :-


  • keep up your fluid intake – she recommended taking lemon juice with oil (think I’ll stick to lemon and honey), garlic, ginger and cinnamon. She also said three oranges a day (!) – think I’ll stick to my two glasses of fresh orange juice in the hope that every little helps. Hopefully you all have at least a balcony you can sit out on to get the benefits of the sun’s rays.

She was happy (relieved) to say that there were no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the area – two days later I read that there were three confirmed cases in Figueres hospital. What made me really see red is that one of the cases is a man from Italy who came to his “second home” in the area a week ago – what planet has he been living on? As you are probably aware there are also lots of people from around Spain, France and other areas of Catalunya who have taken their enforced time off work to come here “on holiday”. Spanish government advice is that they should return home straight away…..or self-isolate.
It really is time to take notice of what is now not just “recommended practice” but current law. So, here’s the advice I gave in my first email to you all –

1.     It is possible to walk or drive your car to the supermarket/bakery/food shops or doctor/pharmacy/hospital.

2.     Only one person in the car at a time unless you have a really good reason such as work or appointments which cannot be cancelled and which need both of you to be there. This is not an opportunity to do your usual sightseeing Sunday drives. In the car you must be separated as much as possible – one driving, the other in the rear, and you should wear a mask due to the close proximity. ( this seems illogical if you’ve been sleeping at the side of that person overnight – but it’s the law)

3.     No more driving people to the airport or meeting for coffee or lunch. Cafés, restaurants and bars, theatres, cinemas, etc etc etc have been forced to close.

4.     We are not allowed to go out socially, cycle (unless going to the shops), jog, go to the park, or to walk on the beach.

5.     Dog owners are restricted to walking their dog within a short distance of their homes for the “necessities”. You are not allowed to take your dog out in the car to the beach or campo for a run, nor are you allowed to go on your bike and use it as an excuse to exercise and travel kilometres from home.

6.     You are allowed to shop for friends if they are unable to shop for themselves – you can spend a short time chatting with them to give support during isolation, but you should not enter their homes and should remember to keep to the 1.5 metre separation between you

If you are in need of support in any way – please get in touch and I’ll try to find help. Keep in touch with friends and neighbours, check on people you know who may be isolated/in need of help/advice

Take care, safe safe and healthy.

I’ll be in touch again with new updates as they become available

Best wishes, Maddy


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